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Why are steps important?

As you scroll through Instagram you most likely see fitness influencers posting about going on walks and getting their "steps" in.

So why are they so popular/important ?

1. Regular physical activity helps increase your level of fitness, keeping your heart, mind and body healthy and strong 💪🏽

2. Going outside to achieve your steps, will lighten your mood. Walking releases endorphins, your body's happy hormones, to the body - so the more steps you take the happier you will be.

3. Gives you a chance to clear your mind from daily stresses.

4. Helps to improve sleep.

Those are just a few of the many benefits of walking and hitting step goals, but why do I make my clients track their steps?

The reason is so they can achieve a greater calorie deficit through physical activity. Doing 10k steps is equal to around 400 calories, over a week that's about 2800 calories that have been burned.

This will ensure a loss for my clients and also allows them to have a higher calorie target (ie eat more).

Most importantly so that it becomes a lifestyle change, instead of some crash diet where they get put on some unrealistic calorie goal.

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