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A Story Of Long Term Success

So this is Debbie, My first ever client.

And Yes she is still a client, why?

Well Debbie first went the gym and took part in classes and also tried personal training with a few trainers whilst going through a very tough time health wise. She then ended up needing to change personal trainers due to the trainer leaving and I was on hand to take over.

I introduced Debbie to lifting weights and set her a plan long term to get her into the best shape of her life, she then went on to hit her weight goal of 10st losing around 3 stone in the process. The biggest achievement made was actually the progress in the weight training department, making her much leaner and feeling stronger than ever.

Debbie is not just a client, she has been loyal throughout and never misses a class or session that we have booked, she also has enough knowledge to have the ability to complete each of her workouts I have planned for her without me.

This consistency and dedication Debbie shows is the reason she is in such good shape today, like she said to me on the first day " I know it is a long term change"

What does Debs do daily to help reach her goals

  1. Tracks water intake via my app

  2. Tracks sleep via my app

  3. Tracks Calories daily - whilst still enjoying her prosecco

  4. Completes scheduled workouts

  5. Tracks any extra activity such as steps within my app

People always comment that they want to be as fit as Debbie, If you fully invest in wanting a lifestyle change for good... you can get there.

3 Years down the line and hopefully many more to come- Onto an even stronger debs

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