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From Body Pump to Bikini Model?

From being scared to go in the big boys weight area to now owning it !

Jess has been a client of mine for around 2 years and is the perfect example of a client who gives it her all.

Jess messaged me on Instagram after not getting the results she wanted from the classes she was attending in the gym at the time, she was doing spin and body pump on a regular basis but did not find it to help her grow muscle in the areas she wanted.

I have found that many people don't think there are other options out there to be able to get the shape they want, so they end up stuck in a routine of maintaining an average body shape through classes like body pump. But there is and Jess is the perfect example.

So after our consultation we found out exactly what Jess wanted, we set goals and absolutely smashed them. Through a well thought out plan including multiple leg days (as this is where jess wanted the improvement) we were able to fully transform Jess's body to a level where she is now looking at entering a bikini bodybuilding contest.

She really fell in love with weight training and started to learn more surrounding the subject. Jess only comes to me once a week but has the motivation and knowledge to complete the rest of the sessions on her own through training with myself.

Her journey is far from over, there are big things to come

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