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Is your body worth an investment?

So lets start with myself, back in 2015/16 I weighed in at 20stone and 6lbs, the heaviest I had ever been. Even though there was many external factors to blame for me being so heavy I had to be able to take responsibility for what put me in this situation. Over eating and a lack of exercise had put me where I was. I felt very self conscious, very unfit and depressed that I had let myself get to this stage. So what did I decide to do? I started paying for a gym membership which I actually used daily for the first month, but to my surprise I did not end up shifting any of the weight I was so desperate to lose.

So after this first month I felt very deflated with the fact that in my mind I was working so hard and getting nowhere with it. With that being the case I thought I would take a big risk and invest in a personal trainer. I walked up to the PT wall in the gym and picked the person I thought I would be least intimidated by, her name was Lisa. As soon as we started I realised all that I was doing wrong and it made me never want to waste my time like that again. Lisa pushed me to the max and within our first few months of training I had got down to 18st, however the weight loss wasn't the biggest achievement in my eyes. Lisa had taught me how to actually use the gym, how to use machines without being intimidated, what exercises to do to try and hit my goal. I mean at one point I got the bus into town at 5:30 AM I was that motivated.

I spent a lot of money on Lisa, but if I could go back now, I'd pay double.

So when we get onto the question of whether it was worth the investment, It was maybe the best thing I have ever bought. It has changed my life completely.

It is now my career and I am now the most confident I have ever been (Wearing jackets to hide my body shape is a thing of the past), I can now walk for long distances without worrying about stinking of sweat, I can now say that I am happy.

If you have the ability to invest , you should.

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