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How to lose weight on a budget?

The gym , having a personal trainer are both seen as a luxury, so what can you do with hardly any money to lose weight.

Well firstly it is now shown that obesity mostly affects the lower income groups. Why is this? In my personal opinion these are the groups of hard workers who struggle to find time to cook meals and just end up ordering takeaways over and over again. Always going for the easy option and then letting it become a habit which is then hard to break.

So if you are part of this low income group, what can you do?

Well lets start with the very basics-

  1. Find out your calorie goal - here is a link to find out how many calories you should be eating in a deficit, using the free app myfitnesspal you can track how many you are eating.

  2. Hit 8-10k steps a day, this may seem simple and yes it is but it works, the further calories burnt will help create a bigger deficit overall. This will also help improve productivity and get rid of that lethargic feeling you probably have on a daily basis.

  3. We all have one day off, so why don't you prepare your meals for the week, this will not only save you money but will actually help you make sure you hit your calorie goal daily.

With these 3 simple steps you can start losing all that weight that you have been wanting rid of for years. If you need more advice just drop a comment below.

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