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Being Overweight Is Hard

I thought I'd take the time to write about the biggest struggles I had when I reached my heaviest weight. There were many things that really motivated me to get a grip of my life, I very rarely open up but anyway, here is an insight to 3 things made me feel down.

  1. To start off, my route to college included a uphill walk which should be easy enough for anyone to endure but for me everyday this was hell. Not just because it made me tired or out of breath but the fact that I would feel ashamed about sweating off a walk. The clothes that I would normally wear would get soaked and then throughout the day I would feel very self conscious about whether the smell of my sweat could be smelt. Things like this would play constantly on my mind.

2. Shopping- I found this really difficult and it was one of the biggest eye openers for me. It was my 17th or 18th Birthday and my mum said to me that I could get any jacket I wanted, so me and one of my best friends went to Hugo Boss, I then tried on a jacket in XL but guess what? It didn't fit. The women working at the shop had to find me a 3XL jacket , this was the biggest size they done and still it was tight. Could you imagine how ashamed I felt, a young lad excited to buy a present turned to me buying the largest size a clothing company makes. How ashamed I felt really motivated me to change and I still have that jacket today, It helps remind me of what I have accomplished.

3. Migraines- You don't know the pain, Playing football, long days at college or even walking could cause them. In one instance I remember playing football with my mates and we all went Mcdonalds afterwards and I could feel my sight going funny and I started slurring my words, next thing I know I was throwing up into a bag non stop. This then started happening as a daily occurrence until I decided to go to the doctor and found out that because of my obesity I had very high blood pressure. This is not the best thing to hear when your 17, this then forced me to join a gym as I didn't want any permanent health issues.

These are just a few of the struggles I faced, these gave me my motivation but I can understand how someone could really be and stay depressed. Believe me there is a way out

If there is anyone struggling with their weight and have the same struggles I faced just drop me a message / comment and we can have a little chat.

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